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three day weekend, i love you!

we have lined up: final cleanout of rental house, complete with uhaul van to take care of furniture donations. cookout with the family on sunday. maybe, finally, our giant trip to ikea if we're feeling up to it. for bookshelves, k's dresser, tv thing, assorted nonsense.

but also on saturday, i'm going for a trigger point massage to hopefully help with this searing pain in my leg. ow. stretching has not really been doing much, though sitting on a heating pad at night feels pretty awesome.


i am getting over this weird virus that i thought was food poisoning at first. crampy angry tums. exhausted, never hungry; my mom said if it was food poisoning it would have left my system in some dramatic fashion, and instead i just had this lingering exhaustion all week. like, climb in bed at 7pm exhaustion.


this morning we saw a nasty little egg thing in the cat's butt when she walked away from us on the bed. worms ahoy! it made me so paranoid. i caught pinworms once (didn't you really want to know that?) and it took paranoid hellish cleaning for like a week to get rid of it. all clothes in trash bags, every bed linen cleaned twice, etcetera. what a nightmare. i do NOT want to catch it from her, if it is a human-transferrable kind, so we are going to have to be extra crazy about washing hands and surfaces where she's stuck her butt and all that.

anyway. now we have to take a stool sample to the vet so they can give us the right kind of anti-worm medicine for her. we've had a stool sample kit FOREVER just sitting in the car's glove compartment waiting to start an awkward conversation. haha.

been listening to the ink spots on pandora, almost exclusively. would my every prayer begin and end with just your name? ghostly singing. so perfect and languid for these warm spring afternoons.
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last night at dinner at my parents' house we all sat around the living room and talked and laughed, planning christmas eve (fondue!) and christmas day (standing rib roast!). i found my old book of christmas songs and tried to play through a few. it was the most frustrating feeling to look at the musical staff and have a tiny glimmering of a thought where to put my hands. like an echo, but nearly painful. i haven't played the piano in many years, but one day my parents might give it to us and then i'll just have to learn again. i can't wait.


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