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Xanax flight
Smelling the Atlantic in the air on the cab ride
My ridiculous "hip" (?) hotel on E 41st

Leah, for the first time in a year

Sip Sak, Greek mezze
And a bottle of red
And one and a half cognacs

Talking another hour in the lobby, on the deck
I sleep drunkenly and well

Wake up mildly hungover
Walk a mile to the conference hotel near Times Square
Hudson Theatre, ornate and old

Liberal arts pre-conference session
I'm not bored yet
Lunch with Mindy from CIT at Bond 45
Burrata mozzarella made fresh daily
"I'm sure just a little dairy will be fine"
It's delicious
It's not fine but oh well
"We've never made a soy cappuccino before"
(Still think they gave me skim)
I get bored of the conference
Hustle the mile home to change
Vow to burn that skirt
Meet [ profile] nevers but get lost in five circles first
Visit an OA body image meeting
Get caught in the rain on the way back
Super epic rain
Get looks from locals, feel Portlandia superiority
Granola for dinner

A mile to conference
See Spiderman near 30 Rock somewhere

Pretend not to look for Tina Fey
Go in circles on the damn long avenues
Bandaids and an umbrella at Duane Reade
Borrow my boss's laptop and go work in Times Sq Starbucks
Swearing like a madwoman at the fucking budget
Get looks from tourists
(Feel superior)
Dump my tea without touching it
Half blind from budget insanity
Conference monotony
Leave early and fight crowds up to Central Park

People and horsie watching

Get a 90min massage from a nice LMT in trade for my unwanted ballet ticket
Mile home
Circling but I catch it after only one long block
Bad Thai for dinner
Bad tv (ballet reality dramz!)
Still can't sleep until near midnight

Budget swearing
Drop off boss's laptop and gawk the view from his fancy room

Conference is over!
Marimekko store
Flatiron Building to meet [ profile] mordicai!
He is so tall!
And funny and nice, just like on the internet

Lunch and chatting and then walking toward NYU

Through the farmers market
Washington Square fountain

Remember Jennie and Boomer here
And Shakespeare and wine with Morgan
The ferry with Jennie and Jordan
Back when you gave directions based on the twin towers
Fun things to do all around but footsore & battle weary
The E 8th Avenue local back to Lexington and 53rd
Find out the grant whose budget I cursed is not being submitted
Introvert recovery time at hipster hotel
(Growing rather fond of the music piped in the bathrooms)
(And the ceiling-mounted rain showerhead)

Tonight: movie? Sushi?

Tommorw: Brooklyn brunch with Leah. Evening flight home. Tiredest Jesse ever.
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Texas - grackles   antiques   abandoned rusted machinery  fields of cows occasionally   plastic drink cups made for trucks   wide roads seven lanes   plenty of parking   the natural extension of infinite space   no way off that doesn't lead back to on   thick accents   sweet tea   if you ask for it sugar   endless flat roads   the scent of mesquite on your fingernails   oil that collects at a laundromat a.k.a. washateria   slow but fast   a tangle of roads   somewhere brides colliding   roses   the obvious blue sky   no option   blackout shades that hide the tall perilous light.

Antique mall north of Austin

Rooms of costume finery; antiques; 1920s shoes; narrow button gloves; corsets unopened from a factory; Victorian delicate hand worked lace blouses; beautiful white lawn tennis dresses; unopened package of 1940s stockings w/ seam up the back; hats and feathers; childrens' baptismal gowns; rouge tins and powder boxes; piles of gloves soft, to the elbow, barely worn; ladies cheap jewel boxes; a row of furs; girdles; slips and strange bras with stays and buckles; disintegrating beaded shifts and purses; glittery rhinestone buckles; glass bead necklaces.

At the wedding

Red church chapel walls against the perfect blue fading sky; one songbird perched above; grasses at my ankles when I walk a path; during interminable pictures, feeling clever and grownup clutching a beer by its neck, bringing it to Kirk; flowered gravel paths; the cool and surprisingly deep pool of water at the fountain, where I dipped my hand at the end of the night; dancing in a giant circle and wanting more like that; bright Texas stars in the sky; Aggies singing in a swaying chorus; Kyle sling-shotting the garter; the tractor filled with balloons; Jeannie's grace in her large poufy skirts, cascading hair.
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we're in austin! doing...things. apparently this city is infested with bats, but we haven't seen any yet. we did see a bum sleeping on the road! also a lot of car accidents. the food is really good here but no one seems to give a rip about local ingredients or whatever. it is kind of the anti-portland? i googled locavore restaurants and found only a few, and they have like a "local specialties" menu section. very weird.

i bought a slightly creepy doll. she moves her head around when you move her limbs.

more on flickr.
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i just booked our tickets to austin, september 23-29. kirk's brother kyle is getting married on the 27th! the ceremony is about 2 hrs away, but we are staying there for the first three nights and then driving to college station, which is where kirk was living when we first met, and it's also an hour closer to the church.

i've never been to austin! things i am excited about:

good tex-mex
specifically, mesquite chicken
college station friends
family! my new niece!
little road trips
fun austin exploring
(sadly, no roller derby games that week)

we might look for a b&b in college station we will hopefully stay with kirk's friend jason because allllll the hotels seem to be booked up. must be a football weekend! i actually miss that crimson color and that crazy aggie spirit. (okay, maybe also i miss wings n more.)

ETA: wonderful, we managed to pick three nights in austin right before the austin city limits music festival. b&b = FAIL. i am so not a music festival person, but for some reason i am really bitter we can't see alison krauss, gogol bordello, manu chau, other amazingness. sad.
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(the chicago airport hilton, courtesy of my employer)

1. a comb or brush (my fingers)
2. contact lens case (water bottle top + ketchup bottle top)
3. glasses (blindness)
4. pyjamas (nekkidity)

oh dear oh dear. i am so happy to finally be home! chicago was fun enough but dirty and humid.
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my favorite thing about traveling is putting my toothbrush and toothpaste in a little glass in the bathroom.

the view this morning, still foggy as hell:

(wish i could go hangout on the rooftop pool with the tiny forest!)
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in chicago through friday. my cabdriver told me he's been driving a cab for over fifty years. "don't jump out of the cab!" we talked about hilary and obama a bit, as my mom called to alert me she was making a big speech. after every statement the driver made, he would say, "do you follow me?" his voice was so incredibly salty. we talked about male-female dynamics. the male is always power hungry, and as men age, we get fearful, he said. that's why some men don't like hilary, in his opinion.

my room is on the 27th floor, but the view is nearly gone from the rainy fog everywhere. tomorrow the conference starts and i am feeling a little directionless, so it will be nice to listen to other folks talk.
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2. foot fetishists on flickr: why?
3. read sebastian faulks' "my name is engleby" on the planeride -- utterly engrossing, horrifying, astounding, etcetera.
4. food in st. louis so far makes me feel totally justified in being a portland food snob.
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1. ♥ bumble and bumble hair powder
2. going to st. louis, sunday to wednesday
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I slept, and dreamed that life was Beauty;
I woke, and found that life was Duty.
Was thy dream then a shadowy lie?
Toil on, sad heart, courageously,
And thou shalt find thy dream to be
A noonday light and truth to thee.

-- Ellen Sturgis Hooper (1816-1841)


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