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powells x 2
harvard book store x 3
porter square books x 2 (sparkly red bookmarks!)
ripped harvard coop bookmark
2 TWA tickets (one to hartford in september for school; one home at thanksgiving to see jennie back from australia and dump perry)

culled from books en route to powell's. three big grocery sacks worth.

plus not pictured:
- 6 post-its (my preferred bookmark)
- 1 post-it that read "talking on the phone w/ mom about camp -- enlightenment vs. the dark ages" (i still remember this conversation vividly)
- printout of my senior year spring registration, including crossed-out computer science that was replaced with the poetry seminar with eleanor wilner.
- half a new yorker cartoon "if anyone"
- tiny drawing jennie made
- postcard from soul coughing's el oso album
- powell's receipt from 2012
- poem from my sister about birth
- au bon pain receipt from 2003 (kendall square)
- copy of penny's birth announcement
- ups delivery notice from september 2005
- description of floor exercises and machine circuit with a wardrobe inventory on the back ("avoid: linen")
- a photo from my grandparents remarriage in the early 80s, my (dead) great aunt in the foreground, me or possibly my sister in the background, wide-eyed, in a white dress with a red sash
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dreaming of land, with tiny cottages and a longhouse for communal eating. oh god i want a commune so bad. i could raise chickens and jennie would raise dairy goats. we've already agreed. it would be divine.

but also, dreaming of a house. falling in love when it is so not appropriate.

le sigh. we need to pay down credit cards, which would allow us to start saving $500+ per month toward a down payment. we have been frittering away our extra income when we could have been paying down debts all this time.

realistically a house should be at least a year in our future. i'm not even unhappy with where we live (rent) right now, it's just that i have this itch to own something, tear it up and turn it into a massive garden. stop shopping. pare down to what is essential.


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