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now that the parcel has made its way all the way to australia, i can post a picture of what i made for heidi. merry christmas, heidi!
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last night we watched the last mistress/une vieille maitresse. such amazing sets, photography, costumes. the story was eh but the visuals were worth it. asia argento is really pretty.

then today we drove to cannon beach. and took cat naps on our blanket, with a driftwood log as our pillow. i got a tiny sunburn. it was a magnificent windy and sunny day.

tonight i've been killing my back, cutting quilt squares for a seeeecret project i'm working on. oh for a tall worktable! tomorrow my mom and i are having a curtain-making party at her house. sewing hers and mine (from last winter! eep!) on my machine. here is a peek at the quilt fabrics:

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the hot is back!

it's been like three weeks of chilly-ish weather.

later i'm supposed to make some blueberry crumb bars though i'm reluctant to turn on the stove.

i'm line drying some new fabric i bought today. this is for a reversible apron i'm trying out.

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i bought a sewing machine!

$106 on the singer website for a factory reconditioned singer 5160. i wanted this one because it is nearly the same as one i've used before. plus, i don't want/need 80,000 charming stitch patterns, only the normal ones.

it should come in time for my birthday. i guess this is my birthday present to myself? (that and our night at the hot springs!)
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today i made an apron from a book on vintage design and patterns of aprons that my mother gave me for christmas. i borrowed katie's sewing machine and managed to dredge up vague memories of using my mother's ancient sewing machine in order to get this one working. it was so satisfying! even if a bit back-breaking. i even hand-stitched on a little detail on the pocket of green tomatoes. if you click on the picture, you can see more photos from the project in my flickr stream.

soon my mom and i will be ordering a boatload of seeds from seed savers and i will be making seedlings of a number of things for both her garden and mine. i haven't grown a seedling since kindergarten, and the last garden i tended was a weedy flowerbed when i was 11, which lasted about three days. but i have high hopes! and a compost heap that is already started, and raised gardening beds that came with the house. i am very excited for experimenting and growing and such!


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