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  • kirk comes home tonight from seattle. fiiiiiiiinally.
  • new season of mad men!
  • planning a barbecue for my mother's birthday on sunday
  • performing the hula at noon today, only a little nervous
  • have to make two peach-blueberry pies tonight
  • anxious for my sewing machine to arrive
  • out of books to read
  • need to buy a summery dress for the sept wedding in texas
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this weekend was:
  • wall-e on friday ♥
  • new king size bed
  • bought a wii! (thank you [ profile] pravda for mentioning the shortage was over!)
  • indian food, hiding from the 100° heat
  • canning strawberry jam on sunday
  • hotdogs with mom and dad
  • watching my nephew flirt with another 15-month old baby
  • reading under the ceiling fan while thunder rolls overhead

there was no bike ride, no weeding the garden, and no attending our friend's new puppy shower, because of the heat. but that ended up being okay, really.
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(the chicago airport hilton, courtesy of my employer)

1. a comb or brush (my fingers)
2. contact lens case (water bottle top + ketchup bottle top)
3. glasses (blindness)
4. pyjamas (nekkidity)

oh dear oh dear. i am so happy to finally be home! chicago was fun enough but dirty and humid.
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  • huge treasure of leeks in the garden
  • roller derby on friday, a rather sloppy round 1 against norcal and then a more impressive round 2 interleague bout (too hot to stay for rounds 3 & 4)
  • trying to make my own vinaigrette
  • pulling endless weeds from the back planting beds, and finding what may be a massive stand of asparagus (too late to be cut for this season)
  • first farmer's market trip of the season, and going early to get the last dozen farm eggs
  • yoga (cheap) and hula dancing (free!) lessons at work
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what i did in 2007:
  • jan - may, spent a lot of time learning how to walk post-2006's ankle surgery, but also a lot of time in class and the library
  • may: graduated from harvard with my ed.m
  • june: packed up and left massachusetts for good, after 10 years
  • june: moved to oregon, finally, with one fiancee and two cats
  • june: bought a car! a new one!
  • august: married my love in front of the people i love
  • august: lost my cat milou, twin to surviving pippa, to the woods and the coyotes :(
  • august: began the 365 days project
  • october: rented the adorable gnome-house of my dreams, complete with garden
  • october: became associate director of corporate & foundation relations at lewis & clark college
  • october: fractured my foot
  • november: diagnosed with ptsd, began to meditate
  • december: first married christmas with kirk, first tree, first time not traveling for xmas in 11 years

...isn't it interesting how june, then august, then october were so incredibly eventful. in july and september you would have found me either planning a wedding or job-hunting. but neither make very interesting bullet points!

{list from 2006}


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