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my favorite thing about traveling is putting my toothbrush and toothpaste in a little glass in the bathroom.

the view this morning, still foggy as hell:

(wish i could go hangout on the rooftop pool with the tiny forest!)
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in chicago through friday. my cabdriver told me he's been driving a cab for over fifty years. "don't jump out of the cab!" we talked about hilary and obama a bit, as my mom called to alert me she was making a big speech. after every statement the driver made, he would say, "do you follow me?" his voice was so incredibly salty. we talked about male-female dynamics. the male is always power hungry, and as men age, we get fearful, he said. that's why some men don't like hilary, in his opinion.

my room is on the 27th floor, but the view is nearly gone from the rainy fog everywhere. tomorrow the conference starts and i am feeling a little directionless, so it will be nice to listen to other folks talk.
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we did the walk-through and lease signing at the new house this morning before work. we got our keys. once the leasing agent left, kirk and i walked all through the house again, opening every cupboard and drawer of the built-ins, exploring the gardens (kohlrabi, sunflowers, rosemary), taking pictures (will post later). i had a hard time leaving it -- i have such an intense love for its bones and quirks. the way the cupboards in the stairwell are double-hinged just so to pass behind the lightbulb overhead.

we will move in and sleep there for the first time tomorrow.


i walked around at lunch and took a thousand pictures of the campus to put up in the frames i had hung in my office. i have to pick four that harmonize as a group, plus one to be a modern counterpoint to the old one i picked out from the archives:

(the manor house, 1948, from lc digital collections)
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  • my arm is sore from the tetanus booster & hep-B vaccine i got yesterday. i held still for it, but i cried and hid my face in cece's arm. so that is over, and i will now be allowed to register at school.
  • i can't download photos on my laptop! i formatted the hard drive and reinstalled windows on saturday and now i can't recall how i got kirk's elph to work the last time.
  • i spent hours last night pulling the dead skin off my leg, and i'm still not through. tonight i get to shower and put it in the water! and shave it!
  • my ankle is not sitting at 90° in the boot yet, as it was not at 90° in the cast, either. trying to push through those last five degrees of flexion is a slow and painful process. i can feel the hardware resisting within my leg.
  • this is my second-to-last day at work and i am simultaneously over- and underwhelmed. sigh.

gnu fob

Aug. 9th, 2006 09:19 am
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the sky is so blue this morning it hurts my eyes. so clear and intense.

yesterday kirk accepted an amazing new job; starting in september he will be the master electrician for the boston conservatory. so exciting! he will be working in the fenway downtown while i am in school next year, so we can take the commuter rail together in the mornings and meet up in the city in the evenings, go see tons of dance and opera and music performances for free, spend more time in cambridge etc. oh, i am so so happy. the coming year is going to be very exciting for us both.


yesterday i went to work for part of the day, and it was rather overwhelming, as i had known it would be. first, one of my co-workers ignored me (didn't hear me? but then also did not recognize me) in the hallway when i greeted her on my way in, which made me feel unpleasantly invisible. kirk was my unpaid intern for the day -- he stayed at work with me to help with little things. everyone at work was very nice and sympathetic, but no one entirely understands just how much help i need with simple things, and while kirk was out running errands, i got tired very quickly of calling out for someone to come and help me once or twice, and sort of resigned myself to a certain lack of productivity. also, rearranging my computer & desk so as to be able to keep my ankle up on a chair resulted in unpleasant back strain, no matter how i adjusted my fancy ergonomic chair. by 3:00 i was quite done thank you, aching back and left hip and especially the ankle, and we went home. i am going to stay home for the rest of the week, because friday at my appointment i will get a new, hopefully light-weight cast put on, which should make my life much easier. in the meantime, the pain, stress, and inconvenience are not worth it.


life-like toys entertain me at night: i dreamed last night that i attempted to rape barbie, in order to please g.i. joe and the decepticons, who were holding the world hostage until the world was rid of women "but not vaginas" (their words). the attempted rape did not work, in case you are curious.
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thunder and lightning like the end of the world. the rain is just bucketing down, sirens everywhere, the lightning must have hit somewhere in town. the cracks of thunder are so sharp and loud i have jumped in my chair several times, they just crack and roll over the building over and over again. easily dozens of times just while writing this paragraph.

so. a raindate for tonight's roller derby bout in providence is pretty much a lock. meaning it will be moved to sunday, meaning i will miss it because of practice. boo.

in other news, last night i met with a former hgse student, and our conversation just proved to me that it will be impossible for me to work 17.5 hours/week next year while in school. i just cannot juggle the time committment on top of schoolwork + long commute + possible roller derby. now i have to figure out when i will quit this job, and sign my name on some truly massive loans.
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edit: it's now official. summers resigns. all staff received an email not five minutes ago with links to his letter to the community announcing his resignation and the letter from the harvard board accepting his resignation.


everyone at work is a-buzz about president summers, who will most likely resign by the end of the week. all the media outlets have been full of speculation for a while now, and now it is certain. or almost certain.

i don't feel particularly jubilant or positive about a change in leadership, despite my feelings about the controversy he stirred up with his comments last spring about women in science. reports of his managerial style and method of suppressing dissent via aggressive 'inviting' of dissent have made me more angry than anything else. he is arrogant, but then again, who isn't arrogant at harvard? the faculty voting him out certainly are -- perhaps that's why it's difficult to support either side fully.

then there is the new construction in allston, and the coming university campaign -- how will those things fare with a change in leadership? it just seems to me that now that the obvious knee-jerk solution to the initial women-in-science situation will happen, it doesn't seem like the right solution at all.
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  • friday night our front window was egged while liz was over for dinner with us -- i don't know why it shocked me, but it did. there are massive roaming lawless herds of children in our neighborhood and we haven't interacted with any of them, so the randomness of it makes me edgy. are they meaner than i thought? i've given them the benefit of the doubt until now, despite their foul mouths. i have to keep reminding myself that lynn doesn't have the best reputation.

  • kirk worked midnight to seven a.m. on saturday. he was a zombie when he crawled into bed, but i was cruel and woke him up at 1pm to drive to northampton to visit jennie. boomer was with her, which was something of a surprise. he was charming/clever/annoying, as usual. i suppose he made it more interesting, but it also made me think about how weird it is that you have to pretend to be familiar with someone else's ex, for a few hours, and then you won't see them again, perhaps for years. he claims he's going to iraq for christmas, which made me laugh. but he was serious! i found the idea kind of pathetic and delusional. but anyway, we went around to all the old college haunts and then had a giant dinner. during the dinner i explained two humiliatingly true facts about myself: 1) i am not cool enough to like real sushi/sashimi, and 2) i don't listen to music.

  • there are changes afoot at work which may or may not result in me applying for a job opening in another department, a step up in responsibility + pay but a step down in workspace, as there is no office, no door, no privacy. possible business travel, though, most likely to new york.

  • i just registered for the gre, on october 29 at some ungodly dawn hour. i am getting nervous -- the necessary math refuses to sink into my thick skull and i am making stupid mistakes with my algebra. also, i discovered that i've mostly forgotten my multiplication tables, or at least most of the harder ones. i never learned twelves in school, but now i've lost a lot of my fours and sixes and sevens and eights and nines. that is pretty sad. liz told me that you never actually lose that stuff; the neural connections just atrophy a little bit, and you have to re-teach your brain to access it. that's a little comforting, i suppose.


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