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kirk and i were married on sunday.
it was beautiful and ten million kinds of amazing.

we are honeymooning on the oregon coast, where everything is bright and grey and just cool enough to make you want a sweatshirt at the beach. life is such perfection right now, i can hardly believe it. but it's true.
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today kirk and i exchanged our gifts for each other for the wedding.
i gave him a dobro, which he has been wanting for a very long time.
he gave me a canon rebel xti. we both kind of shocked each other.
hugely. like crazy-grin, jaw-drop shock. i don't know if we will
ever top this!

here he is playing it for the first time: i took this video
with my flip, which he gave me yesterday for my birthday.

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here is some of the treasure you find doing yardwork at my parents' house. the family they bought the land from had owned it for nearly 80 years and had built up a sort of midden-heap of trash that never went to the dump, really. if you walk around in certain areas where the soil is exposed, you can pick out handfuls of worn, broken glass just walking a few paces. wherever we whack away at the brambly undergrowth to expose the view, the madrones and rhododendrons and the hidden garden beds, we also find lengths of rusted pipe, bundles of decayed twine, half-buried cement lumps, and so on. my dad calls this "site repair" and because it was so important to him, he chose to build on the worst area so it would receive the most attention.


a small army of women have been applying various beautifying charms to me, these last two weeks. i had a spray tan last week (mainly to even out a bad and unfortunate sunburn) and also had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. then yesterday i had my first manicure and pedicure, and my first facial. the facial was at a day spa and i want to go back there every single weekend. or every single day, even. oh god it was so wonderful. glowy and floaty. the only downside to being so relaxed and pampered for several hours is that it is really hard to come back to reality, and i have been in a mini-funk all day, unable to get much done.
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this morning i finished making the wedding favors, which ended up being surprisingly cheap:

$30 for 72 large white slide boxes
$5 for assorted purple grosgrain ribbon (on sale)
$100 for lots of vintage hankies on ebay
$10 for gluegun and special gluestick
$0 for cardstock covers from leftover invitations
$0 for calligraphy with my own supplies
$0 for lavender sprigs from the garden
= $145 or about $2 for each favor. not bad! i think they look okay. i hope people like them.
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a stack of vintage hankerchiefs,
and the three that i am keeping for myself;
the rest will be wedding favors. after some expert advice from [ profile] nevers about the proper way to do a rolled linen hem, i reconsidered my original diy handkerchief project and made a beeline for the electronic bay. luckily marjery p. was selling off her extensive handkerchief collection -- i bought 80+ in two lots, for less than $2/each.

less than three weeks left until the wedding! kirk and i are writing secret vows. i am afraid i will cry all the way through, though.
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today i drove through a hailstorm to get my wedding dress altered.

33 days until my last paper is due.
56 days until commencement.
68 days until we move to oregon.
115 days until we get married.
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a mango and earl grey tea for my breakfast. k gave me beautiful blue and black inks from levenger, and a glass pen; the sun is shining all over the snow and the ice outside and it makes me want to just sit and draw with inks for a long time.

yesterday i spent two hours in the schlesinger library poring over the archive files of the bread & roses collective (fragile newspapers with alarmist war and strike headlines, hand-painted strike posters, transcripts of meetings), while just outside was the hasty pudding parade for woman of the year scarlett johansson. the sidewalks were all an inch deep with ruts of slush frozen into ice, so i did not venture out to see.

today: not drawing or playing video games, but reading and revising a presentation for tuesday, and cleaning the kitchen. much work to be done this weekend, and monday i am going shopping for my wedding dress.


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