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last night we opened kirk's homebrew IPA and guess what? it is really fucking good. so we all had a celebratory round at home while answering the door to trick or treaters. my folks came over with my nephew for the ceremonial not-quite-two-years-old-and-doesn't-get-it trick or treating session in our neighborhood. at the last minute, with no time to plan, he was a race car driver. cute, no?

then josh and kirk and i went to kirk's friend eddie's party over in southeast. the kitchen was completely dark, not even a lightbulb in the fridge, and a massive fucking strobe light was going at a slow flash, which made it dizzying to even go in and get a beer, but also kind of fun if you could avoid bumping into people.

in the next room was a closed circuit tv hooked up to a torture cam in the basement:

this thing fucking ruled. all night, people would go down there and put on some pretty awesome shows. eddie, who was the bloody cook, tortured, butchered, and cooked up his own wife erin (we saw them get married this summer).

kirk, who was dressed as a press man from the 1950s, went down to the torture chamber and acted as papparazzi on the unfortunate torture and death of a young tennis player. i'm sure we'll get to blackmail his family with these pics later:

watching this upstairs, it looked pretty creepy in black and white, but also despite their good acting it was pretty comical, since kirk kept jumping in from the side to take pictures, ha. in fact, most of the scenes ended up being pretty comical. in one, we could all see the dude on the side splashing the blood from the squirt bottle as the axe murderer killed some nice girl.

ok. on to more torture!

click for 4 more pretty bloody but awesome photos )
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wearing my sari costume is really fun. a lot of people dressed up, too. a really awesome witch, velma from scooby doo, a soldier. a princess leia whose shirt reads "may the source be with you" (silly but awesome work joke).

driving the car this morning was...interesting. as was dealing with the rain. i'm a little scared to figure out how to pee. i have a playlist of bollywood tracks playing in my office and a bollywood movie playing all day. hooray for fun!

here is me:

ETA ps, my conservative boss actually just repeated that dumb lie to me about obama not having a birth certificate. wtf, dude. if he was a reasonable man i might forward him the appropriate fight-the-smears post, but instead he'll have to just deal with getting three withering stares from the three staunchly liberal women standing in the hall when he said it. "even if obama wins, he'll be stealing the election, because he's not really a citizen," he said. ackfjfj;lksjdjf rage. is it just me, or is halloween tainted this year with an extra frisson of fear, courtesy of the election?
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spent all morning going around town finding jewelry to go with my sari. i came home and tried it all on, and then someone knocked at the front door. i answered it like this:

and i think i scared away that nice young man trying to give out religious pamphlets! he did a bit of a double take when he saw me. ha ha. he was going off on his spiel, haltingly, so i interrupted him. "is that about god?" he said, "yes." i said, "i'm really not interested." and he took off pretty quick.

sadly, no one sells real kundan jewelry in portland that i could find. there sure are a lot of people selling crappy (that is, cheap) tibetan stuff though. i went all over the place. i ended up buying earrings for $10, vintage necklace for $12, bindis for $1, anklet for $3, 8 bangles for $3.50, and i actually found another sari, for $10. i also bought a shawl scarf thing, since i have one and i wear it ALL the time, and i need some variety. that one was $18.

anyway, now i really want to order some kundan jewelry online, even though it won't come until way after halloween. at least it will be authentic!
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i bought this teal silk sari at goodwill today for $1.32. it feels so pretty on. i looked up a tutorial on how to wrap and tuck it correctly, i think i got it mostly right (click through for more pics). it feels very graceful to wear. except i need a real petticoat to wear under it.

i still have a sheet of bindis that my poetry teacher brought me from india in like 1996. they are labeled bombay instead of mumbai. anyway, i might go find some pretty jewelry and use this as my halloween costume. and also my watching-bollywood costume.

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had the suddenly irresistible idea to go as my high school self for halloween.
  • dye my hair blue
  • doc martens
  • weird thrift store pants or purple tights under a ridiculous skirt
  • half destroyed tshirt
  • rhinestone cardigan
  • stuff my bra to make up for the breast reduction
  • no earrings
  • meaningful ribbons around my wrist
  • ball chain necklace
  • sleater-kinney + lida husik mixtape on my shitty walkman
  • lots of rings
  • weird socks
  • journal in my backpack

what would you look like if you went as your high school self? do you own most of it still? i would have a hard time coming up with most of this now, though certain things, like my old high school backpack, i still have. ahhh for blue hair. i wonder what my workmates would think.


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