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a few more on flickr. the yard is blooming just as we are starting to pack up the house for the move. this morning i said to kirk, "don't other people move into their houses once they buy them?" it's been a long time coming, but the final paperwork will be on monday, we think. this weekend we have to buy a ton of boxes, get rid of a growing pile of donations. i have a list of things to pack, and a whole plan for what items will go where in the new house (to make it easier for the movers). we just need to get started, and that requires boxes. we got rid of so many when we moved, and all we seem to have left are item-specific boxes, or the giant c+b boxes that are for fragile kitchen stuff.
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we did the walk-through and lease signing at the new house this morning before work. we got our keys. once the leasing agent left, kirk and i walked all through the house again, opening every cupboard and drawer of the built-ins, exploring the gardens (kohlrabi, sunflowers, rosemary), taking pictures (will post later). i had a hard time leaving it -- i have such an intense love for its bones and quirks. the way the cupboards in the stairwell are double-hinged just so to pass behind the lightbulb overhead.

we will move in and sleep there for the first time tomorrow.


i walked around at lunch and took a thousand pictures of the campus to put up in the frames i had hung in my office. i have to pick four that harmonize as a group, plus one to be a modern counterpoint to the old one i picked out from the archives:

(the manor house, 1948, from lc digital collections)
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today i drove through a hailstorm to get my wedding dress altered.

33 days until my last paper is due.
56 days until commencement.
68 days until we move to oregon.
115 days until we get married.
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we went to see an apartment last night.

it was an utter shitheap. rickety, slanted floors, low ceilings, carpeted, narrow and dark. a "computer room" that was a linoleum-floored hole half the size of a bathroom. also, still inhabited by surly tenants and filled with moving-out garbage that we had to step around. yuck. as soon as we got back to the sidewalk and out of earshot, we started laughing. i could have said "no thanks, not interested" the moment we walked up to the apartment building, sometimes you can just tell.

we have two, maybe three appointments this weekend to see bigger, better places. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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