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i just waited on the elevated platform for the commuter rail
for fifteen minutes in the wind, wearing a skirt, in zero degree
weather. i am so dumb, i left the house with neither legwarmers nor
a real scarf. (i had to use an old raggy short scarf from the
trunk.) i was standing there, going up and down on my toes to
keep my blood moving, but when my calves touched each other,
they were completely numb. it was so painful i almost cried.

so i forfeited my $2 garage parking spot and came home for better
clothing. i can't not wear the skirt, because i only have this
one suit and i have an interview at 1pm today. but at least now
i have wool socks and legwarmers on.

my legs hurt. but i think the circulation is coming back.


things that are still not entirely normal about my ankle:

- standing on one leg in the shower to shave is tricky
- going down stairs, i hop a little on the bad leg
- there is still a hitch in my gait when i walk
- fibrous polyps around the joint capsule
- my calf is very weak
- my balance is not very good when i'm barefoot
- i'm not strong enough to wear heels yet
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rage-inducing: pole-hogs on the T.

especially the young, touristy ones.

especially the lovely, gorgeous, tan, vain spanish girl today on the sardined red line from harvard, who felt the need to lean back from her pole position to look directly over my shoulder and check her hair in the window behind me every ten seconds. seriously. what are you doing? i hate you.

also, the next idiot to stand still in the middle of the fucking escalator like we're at the goddamn mall when i'm in the middle of my commute, thank you, i will chop your head off and set you on fire.
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this weekend was lovely. did i mention that i cracked open an egg with a double yolk on saturday? i felt very lucky.

sunday we sat down to our fabulous easter(ish) feast. until the last moment we thought [ profile] aboutlooking might be joining us, but it didn't work out. sometime soon, though! whenever we next go to western massachusetts, hopefully :)

the maple pecan muffins were very tasty, but for some reason i am bad at making fluffy muffins. why is that? they never really puff up above the muffin cup like they do in the pictures.

also, because for some reason it's only sold in big quart containers, we now have a ton of buttermilk leftover. i remember [ profile] nevers was in the same spot a while back -- now we have to search out recipes involving buttermilk! so i guess we'll be making biscuits sometime later this week.

lots of marathoners on the T this morning, all with their numbered, race-issued red addidas bags, looking overly healthy and scrawny and excited. (also looking rather white.) i guess much of boston has the day off, but not harvard. walking to my building i pass the cambridge common and it is full of blooming trees and (finally!) visible leaves. a beautiful morning.
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happy evacuation day, boston!

i overheard two guys talking about it on the T this morning, and they got it ALL WRONG.

first dude: happy st. patrick's day.
second dude: happy evacuation day, too.
first dude: evacuation day, what's that?
second dude: well, you know boston, such a huge irish population...
first dude: ...huh.

what?? what was he implying, exactly? irish people leave to celebrate st patrick's day elsewhere? wtf. he didn't finish his explanation, just sort of left the other guy hanging in midair.

i wanted to walk over and be all righteously dorky and tell them all about the revolutionary war, but that's not really an acceptable thing to do, i guess. so i didn't.

but the fact that i thought of it during my normally sleepy commute just shows you how much ENERGY i have today. i am, like, bouncing off the walls. because today is also happy shamrock showdown day! and tomorrow is happy boston zine fair day!

maybe i should lay off the coffee.
so. excited!


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