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what i did in 2006:

wrote a zine, printed the cover on my new letterpress
bought rollerskates and learned how to skate
jan-july: ate healthy, worked out a lot, lost ~25lbs
applied to graduate school
tried out for the boston derby dames
spent one month skating my ass off with bdd
broke my ankle
got into harvard
spent the summer recovering from ankle surgery
spent a lot of time being depressed and anxious about ankle (and weight re-gained)
learned how to walk again
went back to school, met some amazing people there
got engaged to the love of my life on christmas eve
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i just got home from the boston derby dames' skate clinic!
everyone told me to take it easy and rest this weekend after the food
poisoning, but i think i was fine. i skated for nearly two hours and
i'm feeling okay. i only fell once! and i learned how to stop, finally,
some rudimentary dragging toe stops. still no crossovers, though.

tonight we are going to the small press talk & discussion at feed your
head bookstore
(edit, apparently it was at 5! we missed the whole thing! we said hello to roxi but i felt so embarassed for having missed it. but we did walk around town and see a very nice comic book store. we will have to visit feed your head another time, so cute.) & tomorrow is liz's birthday party to watch the sox game.

i have a dandelion in my hair.


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