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this weekend we hung bamboo roman shades in the living room to keep out the beastly afternoon sun, managing to keep the house at least under 80°. but we still had to escape on saturday to watch a movie and then get dinner at a bar. here are the shades and our new hutch (online catalog only from target):

at the movies (star trek), we saw previews for the new transformers, harry potter, year one (michael cera ♥), g.i. joe, and tim burton's 9, all of which i want to see. i really enjoy the summer movie season, now that vaguely good directors are doing all the smashup/hero/80s-revisit films. at least our hours of blissful air conditioning are entertaining.


i keep trying to find a good swimming place around here, and there doesn't seem to be any good lakes. whyyyyy. apparently this is why everyone drives an hour east to the sandy river (which is FREEZING COLD because it is direct snowpack melt from mt hood). i don't want to have to drive eight billion miles to get in the water, because then we might as well drive to the coast and go to the ocean. i miss all the lovely lakes of connecticut. or triangle pond, where my grandmother's cabin is. we live near the willamette river (it's seven superfund sites in one!) and various other sluggish/unswimmable rivers. like clackamette, where two people drowned recently. or the trashy tualatin river. gross.

lake lake i want a nice clean lake. i'll take a large pond in a pinch.

i was complaining about this to my mom yesterday and she said we are kind of screwed, living so close to the cascades. it's all rivers, down to the sea, or deserts. i say boo hiss hey oregon where is my swimmin lake motherfucker.

Date: 2009-06-01 07:42 pm (UTC)
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but an hour isn't SO far away, really? i think my peception on this is a liitle skewed, though, living in the desert where if you 'only' have to drive two or three hours to the nearest swimmable/boatable lake everyone considers it 'close' and heads there in droves, ha ha. and we all say how 'lucky' we are to be living a six hour drive from the pacific ocean--you can go there any time you want! if you have six hours and a tank of gas to spare, that is. ;)

Date: 2009-06-01 08:10 pm (UTC)
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it's true, an hour isn't so bad actually. this is my new england geographical memory overlaying itself on the wrong state -- in connecticut 20 minutes would be far to get to a lake. and there were dozens of ponds that were big enough to be lakes, and had public access if you knew where to find it. i just wish we had a perfect place for a shady picnic and a dip in the water, somewhere we wouldn't have to plan ahead for a long drive. we rarely just 'go' to the beach, which is maybe a scant 90 minutes away.


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